Why Your Law Firm Needs to Partner with a Cash Advance Provider

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Posted: November 26, 2018

Personal injury attorney partners with Legal Capital Corp for pre-settlement fundingPersonal injury attorneys and their law firms carry a heavy burden when it comes to helping patients through the claims process for severe injuries and property damage. Your clients face immense challenges following an auto accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other forms of personal injury. Between missing work, hospital stays, and the extended recovery process, these victims must cope with numerous changes in their everyday life coupled with financial struggles.

While you build and fight their case in court, your clients face astronomically medical bills and may have difficulty paying rent or their mortgage. By partnering with a cash advance company such as Legal Capital Corp, your law firm helps injured clients qualify for pre-settlement funding, so their present money woes are not an issue.

The Benefits of a Partnership with Legal Capital Corp

We pride ourselves in offering low, flat-fee cash advances to victims of personal injury claims. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re upfront and transparent on what your client will pay back. We also take full responsibility for the pre-settlement funding. If you don’t recover compensation for your client, they don’t pay us back. Legal Capital Corp understands the full scope of the impact serious injury and the wrongful death of a loved one has on quality of life and know the massive financial burden they place on a grieving family or recovering victim.

The cash advance process for clients of law firms who work with Legal Capital Corp regularly is fast and straightforward, giving your clients money within 24-48 hours of offer acceptance. You or your clients can contact us, letting us know they’re in need of pre-settlement funding. We will never ask you to fill out paperwork because we understand the rigorous work you face on a daily basis. Instead, we request a few important documents and make a decision immediately.

Legal Capital Corp believes in honesty and helping out those who are struggling to make ends meet while coping with their injuries. We focus on providing modest advances, so they can pay their bills and put food on the table and can even help out in time for the holidays. Cases resolved within nine months of the issued loan pay a flat fee of $600, and we’ve placed a cap of $1,500 on cases that take longer than nine months.

Personal injury attorneys and law firms understand the uncertainties that come with these cases, as do we, so when a case takes more time than you expected, your client doesn’t pay more than they originally intended. By placing the $1,500 cap, you and your client can take the time necessary to gather all evidence, witness testimony, and medical records to win the case.

Partner with Legal Capital Corp in Chicago Today

If your law firm is interested in partnering with our personal injury cash advance company, please contact us in Chicago today at (312) 204-7939, fill out our online form, or have your injured client reach out to discuss their case. Legal Capital Corp provides pre-settlement funding to victims of personal injury cases in Chicago and nationwide.