Why Attorneys Look to Us for Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Posted: January 17, 2019

Couple apply for pre-settlement funding through Legal Capital Corp after injuryYour injured clients face mounting medical bills and unexpected expenses during the claims process for auto accidents and other types of personal injury cases. Personal injury attorneys see firsthand how devastating severe injuries and death impact the lives of the victims and their families emotionally, physically, and financially. Legal Capital Corp knows how much financial security can help during these difficult times, which is why we offer modest cash advances to keep your clients afloat while you fight for them in court.

Personal injury attorneys and law firms choose Legal Capital Corp for many reasons, including:

Easy Communication and No Paperwork

Your primary focus is on helping your injured clients achieve justice and compensation for their injuries and pain and suffering, not on aiding in loan and cash advance paperwork. That can be disruptive to your workflow, which is why our process is designed to work for your schedule and not against it. Your client fills out our online application with basic information such as their contact details, type of case, and your name and phone number as their attorney. We do not have an application fee and do not run a credit check.

We take it from there and contact you directly. You don’t have to fill out any paperwork. All we need are a few documents to evaluate the case. We then make an immediate decision, issuing your client a cash advance on their settlement within 24-48 hours of approval.

No Convoluted Fees or Repayment for Lost Cases

Some companies who provide pre-settlement funding don’t have your client’s best interests in mind, which is why we founded Legal Capital Corp. You want your client to be well cared for and not faced with astronomical fees when the personal injury case is resolved. We provide cash advances with full transparency. Claims settled within the first nine months pay a $600 flat fee regardless of the amount of the cash advance. For cases that take longer than nine months, we’ve capped our fees at $1,500. Our low, flat-fee financing is what sets us apart from other lending companies, but most of all, your client doesn’t pay us back if the case is lost.

Partner with Legal Capital Corp in Chicago Today

Medical malpractice, auto accidents, and other personal injury claims leave the lives of injured victims in disrepair. Many of whom are unable to work or lost weeks or months of wages due to medical care and recovery. Hospital bills, home modifications, and physical therapy are just a few of many expenses your clients are accruing, but rent and everyday costs such as groceries and gas don’t stop when an accident occurs. Our cash advances on personal injury settlements can help your clients remain financially stable during this challenging time.

If one or more of your clients need pre-settlement funding, please contact Legal Capital Corp in Chicago today at (312) 204-7939 or have them fill out our online application. We provide cash advances to clients in Chicago, Illinois and nationwide.