What are the Benefits of a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Posted: October 10, 2019

Words describing a lawsuit cash advance and benefits of lawsuit loansMany people find themselves embroiled in a personal injury lawsuit at some point in their lives. These cases often leave plaintiffs unable to work due to the severity of their injuries. That puts a significant financial strain on victims and their families as these lawsuits can take months, sometimes years, to reach a just settlement. A lawsuit cash advance offers a variety of benefits, but it’s essential to do your homework and make sure you choose a reputable lender. 

At Legal Capital Corp, we offer lawsuit cash advances to injured plaintiffs to help you through this challenging period. Our lawsuit loan process involves a free, online application, capped fees, and fast approval, so you can have cash in hand as soon as possible. 

A Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help You Cover Immediate Expenses 

Living expenses such as mortgage payments, car loans, groceries, and other everyday costs add up quickly when you have little to no income. Medical bills start rolling in shortly after you receive care, and these financial responsibilities won’t wait around for your settlement check. A lawsuit cash advance can help you make ends meet while you pursue your claim with your attorney

Lawsuit Cash Advances Give You More Time to Negotiate a Settlement 

When you’re having money troubles, you’re more likely to agree to a settlement below what you’re owed for your injuries. A lawsuit loan gives you and your attorney more time to negotiate a reasonable settlement. These advances allow you to pursue a fair amount and provide financial stability for you to go to trial if necessary. 

Make No Payments Until You Get Your Settlement Check

Unlike the average loan, lawsuit cash advances don’t require payments until you’ve won your case and received your settlement. Additionally, as many plaintiffs are still recovering and out of work, there’s no need for income verification or a credit check. Legal Capital Corp simply requires basic details about you and your case, along with your attorney’s contact information. We request essential documents from your attorney’s office, then approve or deny your cash advance immediately. 

No Payment Necessary If You Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit 

While not all lawsuit lending companies work this way, Legal Capital Corp assumes all the risk when we approve your cash advance. If you don’t reach a settlement or lose at trial, you’re not responsible for paying back the lawsuit loan. 

Not All Lawsuit Lenders Are Equal 

If you decide a lawsuit cash advance is right for you and your case, speak with your attorney about the details and appropriate amount for which to apply. Be wary of application fees, high-interest rates, and hidden clauses in your contract. You don’t want to be paying back triple what you borrowed because your case took longer than expected. 

Apply for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Today 

If you’re facing financial problems while pursuing a settlement for your injuries, Legal Capital Corp can help. Apply using our free, online application, or contact us in Chicago at (312) 204-7939