Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance for Your Workers Compensation Claim

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Posted: February 27, 2019

Injured worker falls on floor at Chicago employer. Regardless of your profession, workplace injuries can occur. While injuries at an autobody shop are likely to be more severe than that of a banker who spends more time in an office, job-related accidents can happen at any time and may change your quality of life forever. When you’re dealing with your injuries and trying to recover both physically and mentally, the last thing you need to cope with is financial hardship while you wait for your workers’ compensation claim to resolve.

Your attorney is working diligently on your behalf, but these cases can take anywhere from several months to several years to close, and few people have the means to pay everyday bills on top of medical expenses during this time. Legal Capital Corp is unlike other pre-settlement funding companies. Our cash advances on workers’ compensation claims come at a low, flat fee—$600 if the case is resolved in nine months, and $1,500 if the case is closed after nine months.

Recoverable Damages for Workplace Injuries

Job-related injuries occur while you are at work or during work activities such as a lunch outing with a client. Workers’ compensation does not apply if you were on your way to or from work when the accident happened or if it was caused by a conflict with someone else or an extracurricular activity.

 Some of the recoverable damages for workers’ compensation include:

  • 100% of medical expenses including emergency services, ongoing care, and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages from missed days or weeks of work (though this may be on a percentage basis of your weekly pay)
  • A permanent impairment such as severe disfigurement from a burn injury or catastrophic injury including spine, neck, and brain damage.
  • Death benefits if the incident led to death—the surviving immediate family members are often compensated for burial expenses and loss of earning capacity.

These are just a few areas of recoverable damages in workers compensation, but each case is unique. What most claims have in common is the long waiting period injured victims, and their families must endure while the insurance provider, your attorney, and the courts decide on just compensation.

How Legal Capital Corp Can Help

We provide modest pre-settlement funding so you can get through day to day while your attorney fights for your rights as an injured employee. The process is simple. You complete our online application, we contact your attorney who gives us a few key documents, we deny or approve your pre-settlement advance, and then you have cash in hand within 24-48 hours. You can make this process go quickly by speaking with your attorney about getting a cash advance from Legal Capital Corp ahead of time, so the law firm is prepared for when we contact them.

If you’re struggling to pay bills while you’re waiting for your workers’ compensation claim to settle, please contact Legal Capital Corp in Chicago today at (312) 204-7939 or fill out our online application. We serve injured victims and attorneys in Chicago, Illinois and nationwide.