3 Reasons Plaintiffs Choose a Cash Advance on Settlement

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Posted: August 21, 2019

Human figure made of dollar bills lies in hospital bed. Personal injury claims take time to reach a settlement or a successful verdict at trial. Injured plaintiffs face many struggles physically, psychologically, and financially. Legal Capital Corp works with plaintiffs and attorneys to provide modest cash advances to victims who are pursuing compensation and justice for their injuries. We understand the difficulties and uncertainties that come with these lawsuits.

Personal injury plaintiffs seek a settlement cash advance for many reasons, but the most common include:

1.   A Cash Advance Can Cover Mounting Medical Expenses

The cost of your medical care depends on the severity of your injuries, but even a seemingly minor shoulder injury can require surgery and physical therapy. ER, hospital, ambulance, and healthcare-related bills don’t wait around for your settlement. These bills start coming in just a few weeks after you seek care in the mail and email.

Reminder phone calls can quickly add to the stress of these high dollar amounts. While you may be able to ask for 30-, 60-, or 90-day holds on some of your medical costs, you’ll likely have to pay at least a portion of the bills before you reach a settlement or verdict for your injury claim. A cash advance can ease your mind during this time so you can make payments during the litigation process and not have to worry about late fees and collections.

2.   A Settlement Cash Advance Helps You Stay Afloat While Out of Work

Severe personal injuries that cause lifelong damage—such as spinal cord and brain injuries—often leave accident victims out of work indefinitely. However, even temporary injuries like a broken leg can prevent you from working for weeks or months. Plaintiffs with these types of injuries may not be able to pay everyday bills, mortgage, rent, and other costs of living.

Cash advances or pre-settlement funding provide financial security while you heal and pursue a personal injury case. Legal Capital Corp offers free applications and a streamlined process so you can have cash in hand as quickly as possible without high-interest rates and fees.

3.   Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help with Vehicle Repair and Property Damage

Another reason plaintiffs may seek out a cash advance is to cover the cost of vehicle and property damage, depending on the circumstances of the incident that caused the injury. Personal injury claims often involve auto accidents and slip and fall accidents. You might be left without a vehicle due to the crash or have other property damage that you can’t afford until you reach a settlement or successful verdict. A cash advance on your claim can help you cover these expenses along with others related to the accident.

Apply for a Settlement Cash Advance Today

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