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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

woman paying billsLife doesn’t wait for settlement checks to arrive. When you’ve been injured in an accident and the financial realities of daily life start to pile up, you need money at your fingertips, not tied up in negotiations. Obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve for your losses could take weeks, months or even years. How long can you afford to wait for justice?

Since 2000, Legal Capital Corp has remained passionate about our mission: providing injury victims who are awaiting the resolution of a lawsuit with easy and affordable pre-settlement cash advances. We have the experience and resources to quickly get you the funding you need to ease your financial burdens when you need it most. 

If you need financial support during your personal injury case, please call 312-204-7939 or complete the form on this page to get started for free. Once you are approved, you can expect your money within 24 to 48 hours. We offer pre-settlement funding in Chicago, New York and nationwide.

Our Commitment to You

At Legal Capital Corp, we strive to help injury victims during their most difficult times. If the negligent actions of someone else have caused you harm, you deserve to be financially compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Insurance companies realize this, but they also know that most people don’t understand the full extent of their damages and most people need funds immediately and can’t afford to wait for the resolution of a long, drawn-out legal battle.

Many times, instead of giving accident victims what they truly deserve, insurance companies try to deny, delay or settle claims for pennies on the dollar. Their goal is to protect their bottom line, not serve your best interests. We believe you deserve better, and we work every day to help our clients gain financial stability so they aren’t forced into accepting an unfair settlement.

We do this by offering no-risk pre-settlement funding. When you choose Legal Capital Corp for your litigation advance, you can expect:

With our no-risk cash advances, there are no credit checks, no hidden fees, no interest and no restrictions. By simply filling out our quick and easy application form, we will request documentation from your attorney and upon approval, you can have money in your hand within 24 to 48 hours.

Choosing the Right Company Does Make a Difference

finding the best pre-settlement financing companyWhen you find yourself in need of financial help, you may quickly find that you are surrounded by predatory lenders whose goal is simply to profit off your misfortune. Many of our competitors creatively advertise to make themselves appear affordable at first, but then charge compounding interest that can end up hurting you more than helping you. When searching for the right company that charges fair rates, keep these tips in mind:

  • Understand the fee structure of your funding agreement. Find out if the payback is on a fixed schedule or compounded monthly.
  • Avoid working with brokers; they usually tack on an additional 10 to 20% in fees.
  • Never sign a contract before examining the payoff table.
  • If there is no payoff table in the contract, do not sign it; move on and keep looking.

Legal Capital Corp prides itself on our integrity and transparency with every person that calls us or applies on our website. We are proud of our low, flat fee pricing and we never hide it in the small print. We’ll happily answer all your questions and keep you updated every step of the way.

No Application Fee and Fast Approval

By offering rapid approval with zero application fees, Legal Capital Corp ensures you don’t have to risk anything or wait for weeks, months or even years to gain a sense of financial stability. Legal Capital Corp is committed to working diligently on your behalf, so you can get the help you need when you need it: now.

A Simple, Clearly Stated Agreement

You don’t need to worry about the fine print with Legal Capital Corp. The simplicity of our no-interest cash advance is its strength. We believe in the merits of our cash-advance policy and want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand how it works. We don’t hide anything in lengthy contracts bloated with countless pages of legal jargon. There are no up-front charges and your flat-fee will never increase, no matter how long your case takes to settle (but it will decrease if you settle before nine months). That’s it. What you see is what you get.

You Know Your Exact Fee Before You Sign

know total amount before you signMost cash advance companies can’t tell you an exact payback amount because they have no idea. With confounding and compounding interest rates, there’s no telling where your final payout will land. Even if the monthly interest rate looks good at first glance, it escalates every month. By the time you arrive at your settlement day, you may find that your modest advance has spun out of control and you’ve lost out on a major portion of your recovery money.

Legal Capital Corp’s flat-fee pricing structure is safe and affordable. Our goal is to protect you from financial strain with transparency and integrity.

Don’t risk your future by dealing with predatory lenders. Contact Legal Capital Corp today.

Our Fees Are Always Capped at a Certain Amount

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you are likely experiencing a sudden flood of new worries: mounting medical costs, painful rehabilitation and time away from work that you and your family can’t afford. You shouldn’t have to add the concerns of your immediate financial well-being and the length of your court case to your already overwhelming list of challenges.

Even if your case takes years to resolve, it won’t cause undo financial strain thanks to our low, flat fee pricing. You’ll never pay more than the fee you agreed upon at the time of application. However, if your case is settled in nine months or less, your fee will be significantly discounted. After all, this is your settlement; we want you to keep as much of it as possible.

Unlike most competitors, Legal Capital Corp never charges interest for cash advances. Even if the monthly interest rates of other lenders seem reasonable in the beginning, that interest quickly multiplies every month.

Reduced Fees for Cases Resolved in Less than Nine Months

No matter how long your case takes to complete, you can count on a low, flat fee for your pre-settlement advance from Legal Capital Corp. However, if your case is resolved in less than nine months, your flat fee is even lower. 

You Owe Us Nothing If Your Case Is Unsuccessful

One of the most significant differences between a lawsuit advance and a litigation loan is that an advance does not have to be paid back if you lose your case. With no up-front fees, zero interest and no payments unless you win your claim, Legal Capital Corp takes all of the risk so you can focus on your case and getting better.

Why Choose Legal Capital Corp?

happy family holding mans with wheelchair-bound fatherChoosing the right financial funding company is an important decision that carries long-lasting repercussions. We only charge a flat fee for settlement advances on many types of injury cases. This is a much more affordable option than the compounded interest rates you’ll be charged by other financial organizations. While many companies offer financial services, Legal Capital Corp offers:

  • Experience: Since 2000, our team of dedicated professionals has strived to provide exceptional service to injury victims. We understand you may have questions and we look forward to helping you make the right financial decisions.
  • Integrity: You’re more than just a sale to us. We care about you and your full physical and financial recovery. We encourage you to only take advances for what you absolutely need to stay afloat during the course of your lawsuit. This will help you retain as much recovery as possible once your case resolves.
  • Competitive pricing: When compared to the vast majority of companies that offer interest-based lawsuit loans, there’s simply no comparison to the amount of money you will save by working with Legal Capital Corp. By choosing a pre-settlement funding advance instead of a traditional loan, you can take advantage of our low, flat-fee and expect to have your money within 24 to 48 hours of approval.

It’s Quick, Easy and Free to Apply Now

Learn for yourself why so many injury victims choose Legal Capital Corp for their pre-settlement funding needs. Call 312-204-7939 right away or complete the easy online form to get started now for free. We offer cash advances in Chicago, New York and nationwide.