Client Reviews

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

"Legal Capital saved me $7,500.00. I contacted legal capital in 2012 after finding them on the internet. I was impressed with their flat-fee pricing which guaranteed that I would only pay back a specific amount no matter how long my case took to settle. The Legal Capital representative met with myself and my attorney and carefully determined my needs. I ended up taking $30,000.00 and after over two years paid them back $54,000.00. My lien with a different Chicago funding company would have been at least $61,500.00. I am very pleased that I found Legal Capital."
- John P
"Legal Capital saved me $199,000.00. I began receiving money from Legal Capital in 2005 and ending up taking $28,500.00 from them a long period of time. My case turned out to be very difficult and it was ten years before my attorneys paid the Legal Capital lien which was capped at $71,500.00. If had taken the same amount of money fom a company charging just 3% per month my lien would have been $271,000.00. I am very grateful that I took advantage of the Legal Capital flat-fee pricing."
- Enri O