Pre-Settlement Funding for Your Car Accident Case

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

One car accident can turn your life into a waking nightmare. The physical injuries and potential for PTSD may impact your day to day life for months, years, or go on indefinitely. The injuries and associated health problems prevent many victims from returning to work right away, and catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage may remove you from the workforce altogether. All of these issues come with a significant financial toll, making it difficult for injured victims to pay their rent or mortgage, let alone cover expenses for their dependents. 

Banks, creditors, and employers may not understand your circumstances following a car accident, but Legal Capital Corp does. Our pre-settlement funding company knows that the everyday costs of living don't go on hold while you're recovering and pursuing a car accident claim. That’s why we offer lawsuit cash advances with low, capped fees. However, it's crucial that you know your options and speak with your injury attorney about your financial struggles and understand how pre-settlement funding works

If you're experiencing financial difficulties during a car accident case, apply online for pre-settlement funding with Legal Capital Corp today for fast approval or call us in Chicago, Illinois, with questions at (312) 204-7939. We offer lawsuit cash advances for a variety of personal injury case types

These tips can help you choose the best pre-settlement funding for your car accident case: 

1. Research Your Lawsuit Cash Advance Options for Car Accidents 

infographic showing tips for choosing the best presettlement funding for a car accident casePre-settlement funding works differently than your average loan. For example, if you lose your car accident case, you don't pay back your lawsuit cash advance from Legal Capital Corp. However, each company has its internal procedures, and it's critical to conduct thorough research into your options before you agree to a cash advance and sign a contract. You may accidentally set your finances up for failure once your car accident claim reaches a settlement or winning verdict. 

2. Look Out for Application Fees & High-Interest Pre-Settlement Funding 

Some pre-settlement funding companies require an application fee, regardless of the amount of your desired cash advance. You could be paying a large chunk of money just to get a modest loan to tide you over until your case reaches a successful conclusion. Make sure you understand the application process to avoid fees. At Legal Capital Corp, our application is free, and we offer fast approval so you can have cash in hand within 24-48 hours of your signed contract. 

The amount that you pay back after a settlement or winning verdict depends on how long it takes for your case to reach a settlement. Our Chicago-based company takes pride in offering pre-settlement funding with capped fees that are laid out in easy-to-understand terms throughout the application and approval process. 

3. Speak with Your Attorney About Your Pre-Settlement Funding Options 

Your car accident attorney needs to know about your plans for pre-settlement funding. His or her law firm has likely worked with a lawsuit cash advance provider before and can help you determine the ideal amount you need that will help you afford your everyday bills and costs of living without putting your settlement amount in jeopardy. Speaking with your attorney before you apply will also make the approval process go smoothly. 

At Legal Capital Corp, we request a few documents about your case from your attorney to evaluate the validity of your car accident lawsuit. We then make an immediate decision to approve or deny your application. If your attorney is aware of your wishes, you will have your pre-settlement funding faster. 

Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding for Your Car Accident Case 

If you're pursuing a car accident claim and struggling to meet your financial needs, apply for pre-settlement funding online today or contact us in Chicago to learn more at (312) 204-7939. Legal Capital Corp serves clients in Chicago, Illinois, and nationwide.