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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Cases Near Chicago, IL and Nationwide

Attorney's meeting at conference room table You’re a lawyer, not a banker. Your focus is on obtaining the justice and compensation your clients deserve, not filling out applications for funding companies that may or may not have your client’s best interests at heart. We know that working with most funding companies may sometimes be disruptive to the daily rhythm of your practice; that’s why we designed our entire process with your convenience and your client’s well-being in mind.

If you have a client who needs a pre-settlement cash advance, you can trust Legal Capital Corp to do everything we can to help while keeping your side of the process fast and simple. To learn more, call us today at 312-204-7939. We help plaintiffs from Chicago, New York and across the United States.

A Funding Process That Fits Your Practice

You want the best for your clients. So do we. Legal Capital Corp began because we saw an opportunity to be unlike other lending companies.

Instead of a convolution of upfront fees, compound interest and a complex application process, we offer low, flat-fee pricing, a simple application process, and quick approval.

Why choose us? When you choose Legal Capital Corp, you can expect:

  • Streamlined process: As an attorney, you don’t have time to fill out funding applications on behalf of your clients. With Legal Capital Corp, you won’t have to. We value your time and refuse to waste it. We never ask attorneys to fill out applications; we just ask for a few documents and we take it from there. If your clients are approved for pre-settlement cash advances, they can usually expect to receive money within 24-48 hours.
  • Low, flat fee financing: It’s important for your client to clearly know what they can expect to pay for their lawsuit cash advance. Most funding companies offer loans with compound interest, making it difficult to estimate the final cost and shop for the best price. At Legal Capital Corp, you won’t need to calculate complicated interest rates or shop around for the best price. Our low flat fees are among the most competitive in the industry: $600 for cases resolved within nine months, and a $1,500 fee cap for cases that last longer than nine months*.
    Most companies won’t publicly publish their pricing structures; we promote ours as a point of pride.
  • Conservative funding amounts: We encourage your clients to take the lowest cash advance they need to keep their head above water while you seek the full and fair compensation to which they are entitled. Like you, we understand that recovered damages are necessary for your clients to heal and begin to rebuild their lives after a serious injury. Our goal is to help them cover daily living expenses and to not interfere with the work you do on their behalves.
  • Integrity and transparency: While we are happy to help any client in his or her time of need, we value long-lasting relationships with the attorneys who have worked with us in the past and recommend us to their clients. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of many attorneys and have built a reputation that is based on integrity and transparency. By avoiding unnecessary fees and offering a clear, easy-to-understand flat-fee, we believe we can make a positive difference in the lives of your clients and build a long-lasting relationship with you, their trusted attorney.
  • Experience: Simply put, we know what we’re doing. We won’t waste your time or the time of your clients. If your client loses his or her case, we aren’t owed a penny. By assuming all of the risk, we rely on our years of experience to quickly assess the merits of your client’s case and approve cash advances when they are needed most.

Questions? Call Us Now to Learn More

Do you have a client who struggling to make ends meet while waiting on the completion of a personal injury lawsuit? Would you like to learn more about how Legal Capital Corp can help?

Call 312-204-7939 today. We help people in Chicago, New York and across the nation.

* Pricing varies in Illinois, and is compliant with Illinois state statutes. Call us to learn more about Illinois pricing.