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Why Legal Capital?

We are different from other pre-settlement funding companies.

The key difference between Legal Capital and other pre-settlement funding companies is that we only charge one low, flat fee.

We know that accidents can be devastating for the injured and their families, extending far beyond the physical and emotional trauma. With our low, flat-fee pricing you can avoid uncertainty and the shocking cost of compound interest charges when your case is finally resolved.  Interest charges are another financial pressure you can do without.

We’re also different because we don’t charge an application fee. Applying for a cash advance from Legal Capital is free; simply fill out the online form or give us a call. If approved you can expect to receive your money within 24-48 hours. Our quick turnaround means you can pay off any pressing bills, medical costs, and living expenses immediately.

As a leading lawsuit funding company, Legal Capital is consistently recognized for its fair pricing, convenience and utmost respect for clients. We stand out from the competition because our low, flat fee makes us the most affordable option.

Turn to a trusted company for an advance on your settlement cash without having to go through a complicated, lengthy application process. Apply today and get your cash now.

The six main benefits of using Legal Capital for your pre-settlement funding:

Legal Capital covers a variety of personal injury lawsuits from car accidents, to slip and fall accidents. Give us a call at 866-935-5440 or apply online.

  • No application fee and fast approval
  • A simple, clearly stated agreement
  • You know your exact fee before you sign
  • Your fee will never increase, no matter how long your case takes to settle
  • Substantial reductions in the fee for cases resolved in less than nine months
  • Even if the case is unsuccessful, you’ll owe us nothing

Getting your money is as easy as filling out this form.

It’s fast, simple and costs you nothing.
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