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Lawsuit funding is not a loan. It’s an advance on your lawsuit for cash you need now.

Legal Capital eases the financial pressure for accident victims and people involved in personal injury lawsuits. Apply for a pre-settlement cash advance today so you can forget your money worries and concentrate on getting the best outcome for your case.

Even if you’re in the right and have a strong case, lawsuits can set you back financially. Cases can take years to be resolved, and chances are you’ll need money well before your case settles. If you are the main breadwinner and unable to work, then savings can rapidly disappear and cause serious stress to your normal routine. Mounting medical bills and legal fees can make it difficult to pay your regular bills and living expenses.

If you’re in that situation right now and searching for a funding solution, Legal Capital can help out with a cash advance. Unlike our competitors we charge one low, flat fee payable when your lawsuit settles. If you don’t win the case…you don’t owe us anything.

Here at Legal Capital we deal with a wide range of case types including: construction site accidents, car accidents, nursing home abuse, dog bites, medical malpractice, and more. When you apply we look at the strength of your individual case rather than your immigration status, credit or employment history.

Simply fill out the online form below or give us a phone call to apply for funding and take advantage of our low, flat fee and no monthly interest. We offer fast approval so cash can be received within 24-48 hours. Apply today and get your cash now.

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