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Lawsuit funding is not a loan. It’s an advance on your lawsuit for cash you need now.

With Legal Capital, you are not taking out a loan. We call it a cash advance because you are using a portion of your future settlement payout. Even if you don’t win your case you owe us nothing.

Thanks to our one low, flat fee even if your lawsuit takes years to settle it isn’t a problem. You will still only pay the fee you agreed upon at the time of application. Also, if your case settles in nine months or less we substantially discount the fee. After all, it is your money, we want to help you keep as much of it as you can.

Unlike our competitors, Legal Capital only offers no interest cash advances. This means the money you owe us doesn’t accrue compound interest. While the monthly interest rates of other pre-settlement funding companies may seem very low at first, the interest multiplies quickly from month to month.


Say they give you a $1,000 cash advance with a $350 application fee added on top. The total amount on which monthly calculations are made has immediately increased to $1,350. Now compound that sum by a seemingly modest interest rate, say 3.75% per month. In only two years, that $1,350 inflates by 200%. It balloons by 370% in three years and by 670% in four. You can see how easily the costs can multiply and get out of control.

Other companies cannot tell you the payback amount because the amount is constantly inflating every month your case goes unsettled. With Legal Capital you will only be charged one low, flat fee, whether your case takes one year or five years to settle. For people involved in lawsuits with bills to pay, our cash advance really is the most affordable option. Apply today and get your cash now.

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