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Why choose Legal Capital?

We charge only a flat fee for a cash advance. This is far more affordable than interest charged by other pre-settlement funding companies, which continues to accumulate, increasing every month until a case is resolved. Put time on your side and stop watching the calendar. Call us to compare: 1-866-935-5440.

Should I discuss this with my attorney?

Yes, absolutely. It is important for your attorney to be aware of your financial situation and we encourage you to discuss this as soon as possible.

How will I benefit from a low fee, no interest cash advance?

Financial hardship often forces accident victims into an early settlement for a fraction of the full value of their case. Don’t settle for less money than you deserve. With a flat fee, no interest cash advance you can afford to pay your living expenses while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. Your attorney will have time to prepare and present the strongest possible case, and neither one of you will ever need to worry about a pile of interest charges growing larger as each month passes.

What if I lose my case?

You keep the money. You only pay us back if you win your case.

Can I get an advance if my credit history is bad?

Yes. We do not require credit checks. Our decision is only based upon the strength of your lawsuit, not your credit history.

How soon can I get the money?

After we receive the information about your pending lawsuit from your attorney, you will usually get your cash advance in 24-48 hours.

I need surgery due to my accident. Will Legal Capital pay for it?

Yes. Legal Capital often provides cash advances for medical procedures. If you have a strong case but cannot afford a surgery, Legal Capital can help.

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Are there any application fees or upfront charges?

Legal Capital has NO application fees or any other upfront charges. We review your application for free. Most other pre-settlement funding companies charge an application fee, an origination fee, or some other kind of processing fee, which usually costs $350-$750.  Be aware that the fee will accumulate interest charges every day until your case finally settles.

If most pre-settlement funding companies charge monthly compound interest, and you charge a flat fee, how do I compare your prices?

That’s simple. To compare our flat-fee pricing to monthly interest charges, just read our no interest cash advance pricing page. Remember, everyone hopes their case will settle in a short period of time, but experience has taught us that most cases take longer than initially anticipated.

What happens if I get a cash advance from Legal Capital and I find it is not enough for my needs?

This happens, especially when a pending lawsuit takes longer than expected, so we always consider requests for additional advances. To begin, we encourage plaintiffs to take only what they absolutely need to prevent a financial crisis. If more is needed, we will gladly review your case again.

What if I already have a cash advance from one of the other pre-settlement funding companies?

It’s not a problem. If your case qualifies, we will offer you a flat-fee no interest cash advance and pay off the other company.

Where are you located?

We fund in most states from our offices in New York City and Chicago. 

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