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Refer your client to us today for a cash advance on their lawsuit.

Your client may be out of work and overwhelmed by unpaid bills, but you’re a lawyer, not a loan officer. Attorneys are often placed in an uncomfortable position when a client needs financial assistance. What can you say when a client asks for a cash advance? It’s awkward for both of you.

Referring your client to Legal Capital is a win-win solution. We step in to help keep your client solvent with a cash advance on their pending lawsuit, so you can concentrate on getting the best outcome possible for their case.

A pre-settlement cash advance from Legal Capital is different from a pre-settlement loan. Your client will pay one low, flat fee if you win the case; if you don’t win, your client owes us nothing. We assume all of the risk.

Who your client chooses for lawsuit funding can make a big difference in your ability to successfully settle the case. With Legal Capital’s flat-fee pricing you will never have to explain to your client that they have an overwhelming lien owed from a modest recovery.

Refer your client to Legal Capital for these 7 benefits:

With Legal Capital your client can get an immediate cash advance to make ends meet. Get them to give us a call at 866-935-5440 or apply online.

  • Free application and fast approval
  • Cash within 24-48 hours of approval
  • One low flat fee and no compound interest
  • All the necessary paperwork completed by us
  • Spanish-speaking staff for your client’s convenience
  • A substantial discount for cases resolved in less than 9 months
  • If you don’t win the case, they owe us nothing

We will pay for your client’s surgery.

With Legal Capital’s cash advance surgery program, a $10,000 case can become a $100,000 case.

If your client needs surgery, our solution is simple. We have an extensive network of highly qualified and conveniently located specialist surgeons, who will take a lien or partial lien against the proceeds of the case. Legal Capital provides for the hospital costs. Our roster of surgeons may also be called upon to provide expert witness services.

Leave all the coordination of arrangements between your client and the medical providers to us. Our program is easy, efficient and effective.

We manage the process so you can litigate a more valuable case.

Getting your money is as easy as filling out this form.

It’s fast, simple and costs you nothing.
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